On Land

Environment Information
At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.

[Note: This object has been superseded.]

This is the stamp you will use most of the time. Right now it's the only one we have.

It's pretty hard to tell it apart from the Room Name object. There are some differences.

The name list is hooked up to the Room Name parameter of the zone tool, which lets you select from the list in the info box.

The text size of the name is also available in the info box. The size for the material label is only in the settings, though.

There are parameters for the crown type, base type, and ceiling finish, for use in generating a finish schedule. Note: You must enter these. They don't learn from the room automatically, yet.