On Land

Environment Information
At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.

In the templates for 10, I've modified the layer combinations as suggested here. There's a couple of tweaks since then.

Changing the LCs is a minor change compared to changing the layers themselves, which can be very perilous. (There are a couple of layer changes in the new templates. Just a little peril!)

In this theory of layer combinations, there are three main types, and then a couple oddballs. The three:

Output. Used by publication views.

Working. Where you spend most of your time.

Special Tasks. Unusual LCs for doing a certain task once in a while. E.g., Site cutting, building stretching, elevations with just notes.

The new LC arrangement makes these categories clearer. The working LCs begin with numbers. The output LCs begin with the letter of their sheets. The specials begin with x. The oddballs: The binder LCs begin with z. Since they're not used until the very end, they have to be last. 'zzz All' is sort of administrative, and you never use it in real life.

I've tried to make the purpose of each LC self-evident in the name.

Here's the list. (Existing/addition-only LCs are indicated by '*'.)

  • ! Ex1 Existing Plan*
  • ! Ex2 Existing Elev*
  • ! Working Existing Model*
  • ! Working Existing Plan*
  • 0 Working Model
  • 1 Working Floor+Roof Plan
  • 2 Working Elev+Sect+Detail
  • 3 Working Wall Section
  • 4 Working RCP
  • 5 Working Interiors
  • 6 Working Site 120
  • 6 Working Site 240
  • A1 Floor+Roof Plan
  • A2/3 Elev+Sect+Detail
  • A3 Wall Section
  • A4 RCP
  • A5 Interior Elevs
  • A5 Enlarged Plan
  • C1 Site Plan 120
  • C1 Site Plan 240
  • D1 Demo Plan*
  • E1 Elec Plan
  • F1 Furniture Plan
  • M1 Mechanical Plan
  • P1 Plumbing Plan
  • S0 Foundation Plan
  • S1 Structure Plan
  • S2 Structure Model
  • S3 Structure Wall Mask
  • View 3D
  • View LW Render
  • x Background Plan
  • x Elevation Notes
  • x Gross Area
  • x Object Lab
  • x Shoot RCP
  • x Shoot Roof Plan
  • x Site Cutting
  • x Stretch House
  • x View Chimney
  • x View Flues
  • x Working Dims Plan
  • x Working Trim
  • x Zones
  • z Binder Elevation
  • z Binder Plan
  • z Existing Binder Elevation*
  • z Existing Binder Plan*
  • zzz All