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Diamond Vent
Location: 08a Windows / Vents

A diamond-shaped louvered gable vent.

It is designed with the assumption that will have the shape of the diamond follow the roof slope in most cases. Like many roof-oriented objects, you can choose the Roof Slope from a list or enter a custom value in Slope Angle. When you change either the height or width, the other dimension will adjust automatically to maintain the angle and thereby the proportions of the shape.

I think the rest of the parameters are self-explaining: Louver Thickness, Spacing, Angle, and Pen; Exterior and Interior Casing Width, Thickness, and Material.

The vent handles a masonry condition by setting itself into the wall by the sill dimension. (Use the 'second' Construction Method button.) The sill is drawn with the Masonry Sill Pen.

Vent MO in plan