December 06, 2004

To have the label arrow draw itself using the settings, uncheck the 'use symbol arrow' box. This seems backwards to me.

ASSOCLP_PARVALUE can only be used with associated labels.

Associated labels must be set up in the default settings before the element is placed. When the label box is checked for placed elements, those new labels will take the object and settings of the default for the tool. If you're going to turn a bunch of labels on, set the default up first.

Editing associated labels: The 'Label Settings' button is always greyed out in selection settings. To edit the label, you must select it and do Cmd+T.

Editing and saving label object while a section window is open: when you rebuild, AC hangs with 100% CPU.

Drawing your own arrowhead is difficult bordering on impossible. The scripted symbol is intended as data/icon only. Let the subtype draw the arrow, or turn it off with the checkbox.

Why does the 'label elements' checkbox sometimes fail after saving a label object? You can't label an object on other than its home story.

November 17, 2004

Drag and drop.

Pen 45: Heavy Lines
Pen 32: Light Lines
Pen 65: Line points


{ 0'-} -> { }
{-0'-} -> {-}
{0.0000"} -> {0}
{.0000"} -> {"}
{0.5000"} -> {.5"} etc.

Edit POLY2 point statuses:

"typPt" for non-showing points. (4001 -> 4000+typPt)
"finePt" for fineLine points. (4001 -> 4000+finePt) Fineline points coincide with the HS points above.
"onPt" for always on points
15 for all points for callTypes 11, 21
-1 at ends.

Paste into 24/14 first.

Any moulding with invisible profile points on the back should have those points in an IF A_<=8 THEN statement.

For crowns, find openBack point, fill in openBack value.

For 900/4000, add offset points so curves don't draw facets.

Copy to 13/23: delete A_<=8 stuff, and 900/4000 lines.

Continue copying up, eliminating detail. The 11/21 sections should be very blocky, all points "onPt".

For the rot0 profile, copy lines and arcs to back lines/cut lines (31/32).

Put the width and height in 10/20.

Put HOTSPOT2 locations into 3/4. Paste after PUT, delete "HOTSPOT2", end commas.

For casings, put the edge thickness in 5.

September 29, 2004

An integer parameter for controlling which lines are drawn on a moulding profile, by type.

Deployed by MouldingSegment. Depending on the moulding type, lines (LIN_) are placed thru different points.

1 (typ of crowns) top-front, bottom-back
2 (typ of base, shoe) top-back, bottom-front
3 (typ of caps) top-back
4 (typ of casings) top-back, bottom-back

MouldingAssembly passes the parameter blindly (without affecting it).

The moulding tools (Crown, Rake, Base) set the value of lineSet when calling MouldingAssembly.