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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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We have long had the convention of beginning our layout names with the number of the sheet, e.g., A1-1 1st Floor Plan.

This is no longer needed.

PM has a feature to "Show Names & Numbers" in the Navigator. It's had this throughout the life of PM3/PM9, but in the beginning, plot file names would not include the number even if it was displayed, so we had to put the numbers in the names to get the plot files named correctly.

Two things have changed. First, if you plot a layout with the number showing, the filename will have the number. (I don't know when they fixed it.) The same goes for DWGs. Second, we don't plot anymore; our archive files are multipage PDFs where the individual layout names are not seen.

So: Switch your Navigator tree views to "Show Names & Numbers" using the flyout at the bottom of the tree; and stop putting the numbers in the names. I recommend fixing the names of layouts in running projects; it doesn't take that long.

I have updated the templates with this change.

One more change resulting from the new plotter: To go along with the dedicated poche pen, 50, we have a dedicated Material fill pen, 150. On the same principle as the poche pen, this gives us specialized control over the material fill color without changing a lot of settings.

I thought 150 and 50 kind of went together.

The pen is set to print in PM with the color of pen 92 (90% Grey), and display in Archicad with the color of pen 93 (80% Grey). The weight is 0.15mm, the same as 92, 93, and the rest of the <50% greys.

This pen is intended for vectorial hatching on materials, cover fills representing materials, and fill elements representing materials, such as floor finishes.

The templates have been updated. To use this pen in current projects, you must:

• Change the color and weight of the pen in PM (Options -> All Pens And Colors) and Archicad (Options -> Attributes -> Pens And Colors).

• Change the Vectorial hatching pen of the materials.

• Change the fill pattern pen of elements with cover fills.

• Change the pattern pen of floor-finish-type fills.

Remember: With the new plotter, 93 is really too dark for these fills. You should change the pen. If you've already changed a project to use 92, changing to 150 is optional. If you haven't changed yet, use 150.


Poche Pen: Instead of using a pen from the gray region, we have a dedicated poche pen. This should make changing the color of poche easier in the future, if we ever have to do it again. It's pen 50. All the model tool defaults and composites are updated. (This change is optional for current projects, but it is supported by the new layout book.)

Finish fill pen to 92 from 93. Default of fill tool changed accordingly, along with cover fill setting for cover fill elements.

Title block, drawing area, detail area, SK objects switched to new version. Drawing area and title block hotspots replaced.

New pen settings: Adjusted weights, and color of pen 50. Attribute file: Color Pens 0105.aat. PlotMaker Pens are in Black Pens 0105.aat.

Deleted stupid drawing area from Perspective View window.


New pen settings: Adjusted weights, and color of pen 50.

Plot setup tiffs removed.

Changed page setup for each master layout.

Adjusted title block, sheet number text, and detail grid locations for each master.

Here's a new category where I'm going to log changes to the templates. It's not required reading, but if you're curious go ahead.

A thorough going over for the existing/addition template complex, which really needed it. Let me know what you think, since I don't work on additions much.