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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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These instructions are current as of Archicad 20.
Are you interested in unsolicited email management advice? This isn't a lightly covered topic by any means, but I find a lot of organizational guidance to be perfectionist bordering on, no offense, compulsive. I don't care if my inbox is completely empty, or if I have too many folders or too few. I only care that: • No important messages
If you encounter a failed Archicad autosave (Crash followed by no recovery dialog at relaunch), and you are running Time Machine in OS X, restore the Autosave folder from Time Machine instead of messing with cron job workarounds. Make sure Archicad is not running. Activate Time Machine on the Dock. Navigate to [Home]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/. You should see a folder called
Update: This method works through Archicad 12, with the key Recent Files. In 13 through 15, it still works, but the key you need to modify is called "Recent Documents". In 16, the Recent Documents key disappeared. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find where the recent documents are stored in 16 and 17. Also: Under Mavericks (OS X 10.9),
Roundup of issues with daily shutdown, data backup, and power failures.
Does everybody know that you can do calculator actions directly in Spotlight in Leopard? I use it for arithmetic, but it will do most scientific functions if you know the syntax. Trig functions are intuitive, but others (pow(x,y) for xy instead of x^y) are less so to me. As usual, intuitiveness is in inverse proportion to the need to know
Roundup of info on daily shutdown, backup, and power failures.
What? I know how to open a file! Jeez! OK. Just in case: Always open AC files via right click -> Open With or by dragging the file to requisite AC icon on the dock. I do the dock thing; I'm just not a context menu person usually. Most important, don't double-click PLNs. Double-clicking will only give consistent, predictable results
We have had a handful of cases where Archicad autosave recovery has failed when it should have succeeded. We have also had cases of human error where the autosave never had a chance. Since Archicad deletes the autosave data once it decides (right or wrong) that it's not needed, you don't get a second chance. Unless you routinely back up
Did you know? Cmd+` (the key above tab) switches windows within the current application. Pairs nicely with Cmd+tab for switching apps.

This is how to install the large format printer. Installing other printers is similar in some respects.
1. Duplicate the zTemplate 10 folder and rename it with the project name. To duplicate a folder, drag and drop it within the same window while holding down the Option key. Name the folder after the client. If this is a second, or later, project, add a number. (Please don't use roman numerals, they are hard to read.) If it's
Perhaps you noticed that Apple has finally released a multi-button pointing device, the Mighty Mouse. (I assume the trademark issues are all worked out.) Apparently, the next new Mac you get, maybe you won't just throw the mouse away. What a concept. Being a booster/shareholder/zealot, I got one. It's really quite nice. Soon I'll need another one. Then I can
If it hasn't already, your Software Update will soon offer you to update to OS X 10.3.9. You can go ahead and do this. The only possible glitch I have heard of is Java apps misbehaving in Safari, or Safari failing to launch. If you observe any weirdness in Safari, re-install the "2005-002" security update. It is available at 3
For large format output we use that enormous, hot, 16-amp-pulling thing in the middle of the office. Here is how to install the plotter on your machine. In PlotMaker, Page Setup. Go to File -> Page Setup. (Not Plot Setup!) At "Format For", select "WINPRINT". Select the Paper Size from the next pulldown. 18x24 is ARC C. 24x36 is
Quicksilver is a "launcher", but it does much more than launch applications. It figures out everything about your computer, then hooks everything together so you can perform actions in an intuitive manner. It knows your files, your songs, your address book. You can find a file, say mail it, find the recipient, and done. No Finder, no dragging, no
This is how to install our gigantic new plotter. Installing other printers is similar in some respects. System Preferences, Print & Fax, Set Up Printers. Click "Add". At the top, select "IP Printing" Printer Type: LPD/LPR Printer Address: Queue Name: WINPRINT (Case sensitive) Printer Model: Other... Navigate to 3 Resources : Printers : RW470 : RW-470.ppd Choose. Add. If
Repair Permissions. This is recommended for lots of issues, and it's at least partially voodoo. But it worked for me.
This is one of the stock OS X troubleshooting tips. It does actually solve some problems, and it doesn't do any harm. Open the Disk Utility application in Applications : Utilities. Select your hard disk name in the left panel. Select the First Aid tab in the right panel. Click the Repair Permissions button at the bottom. It will take