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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Several different kinds of change, which may overlap. New versions mean new workflows, and that means layer changes.
If this was a proper post it would be clearer and have some illustrations. These are just my notes on the process, quite involved for us as you'll see, of migrating a project to AC17/18. Even though 17 was released 18 months ago, we still have projects in earlier versions and I doubt we are alone. IMO, the combination of
Somebody asked: I have finally gotten frustrated enough with the way line types are (dis)organized to focus some effort on it. Have you figured out any tricks to getting line types to show up in any logical sequence at all in your files? I can't believe that after all this time GS hasn't just made it alphabetical. How hard can
The new templates for Archicad 11 have an improved fill pattern for concrete in section, Concrete Random. I got it from Andy Thomson. As you can see it has more size variety in the specks and is more random overall. I've chosen to leave the old fill in place with its attribute ID unchanged. Why. To avoid potential conflicts when
The Active Layer palette is accessed on a submenu of the Layers submenu, which might be on Options (9) or Document (10) or somewhere else by now. You mean the Quick Layers palette? No. Active Layer. This palette does exactly one thing, and I use it for exactly one purpose. It switches between the default state of 'Individually Set Layers'
It is not possible to delete the entire Favorite list at one time. You can only delete them one at a time, which, if you have a lot, no thanks. But you can write over the entire Favorites list with another list. If this list happened to have, say, one item on it, well that would be pretty easy to
Every attribute (pen, fill, linetype, layer, etc) in AC has a unique ID number. Internally, AC handles attributes by their IDs. The names are just for us. The IDs control the interactions between attributes, and the default parameters of objects. When a composite or material has the wrong fill, or an object comes in with a surprising default setting, it's
Details need to be processed before merging them into running projects, or into a details PLN. It is important to avoid merging unwanted attributes, especially layers. This process simplifies the layers and gets rid of all the unneeded attributes. This method should be considered alongside A Method For Standard Details. Standard details will be administered by one or two people
Note: This is obsolete starting with AC10. Use pen sets instead. Now that you've had a look at the Attribute Manager, here's a move that would be almost impossible without it: Flip all your Archicad pens to PM settings, then flip them back, and it doesn't take all day. Why? To print, especially to print PDFs. (PM is more capable
Attribute Manager is a utility for managing (creating, deleting, getting from somewhere) attributes (pens, layers, layer combinations, materials, linetypes, fills, composites, locations, zone categories). Its functions overlap with the individual attributes dialogs accessed from the Options menu. But it does at least two unique and indispensable things: • Tells you if an attribute is in use before you delete it.