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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols This is your basic CL symbol, since most fonts don't have it. You can change the font and size, and apply bold formatting. It's is an update to CenterLine Sym JM9, which it replaces. It should be on BIMcomponents soon, or you can download it here. I've added two features based on
Pretty tricky This is so trivial/obvious that I hesitate to point it out. You can't rotate a conventional beam element about the long axis. (Why? Dunno.) But you can rotate profile beams. So you just need a rectangular profile. But if it's so obvious, why isn't there such a profile in the default templates, among the faux-proof-of-concept distorted steel
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols If you're local (in the same room), this won't make much difference to you. I have generalized the old CL symbol so I can offer it for download on the new Archicad Talk Object Depository. This means I'm enabling flexibility which I, and the locals, don't need. For everyone else. This is
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Railings & Stairs (I'm thinking about moving it, since it's not really a fine detail-type thing any more. More like a missing tool thing. Not to mention, it could be concrete. I really wish the object browser could handle aliases. As for now, there it lies.) UPDATE: Stair Body JM9a is exactly like Stair
Location: 13 Special Construction An alternative to Archicad's dismal, so-called vault. Last time I saw so many lines, it was election day in Ohio! Anyway.
A label to show the elevation of the top or bottom of a slab. It works in plan or in section, and changes its form depending on which kind of window it's in. It can give the elevation to project zero or the home story of the slab. I made it in an attempt to overcome one of the big
Location - 13 Special Construction From the Objects We Wouldn't Need If the Tools Worked Right... The object makes a roof curved around the Z axis. That is, it's not a vault. Here's three of the four that are in use on Vassos. The point is: If you use roof elements, you get a lot of extra lines. With this
Location: 01 General : 3 Drawing Tools Basically a hotspot. Why not just use a hotspot? Since it's an object, you can show it on all stories, ensuring that the centers stack, and move together. Also the astronomical symbol for Earth, if you ever need that. Download (AC9)
Location: 13 Special Construction. This is so cool. Using Solid Elements Operations and this object, you can cleanly slope the top of a curving wall. Handy for landscaping.