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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Utah Right Triangle Angled Bay Crown Tool JM10
Two tweaks to the Railing JM9 object. • Linify balusters. That word is made up. Hidden under the Baluster Width parameter you will find a checkbox to 'linify' the balusters. This replaces the rectangular baluster with a single 3D line. The only occasion to use this option is a hidden line or sketch-render 3D view, where the normal 2-3 lines
I added an option for an elliptical curve. Original and download link here.
Bracket Strut JM9: More top and bottom end shapes: Cove, chamfer, and fillet. Chamfer Cutter JM9: Chamfer multiple corners at once. Rafters Decorative JM9a: Like the eave ladder, you might want to see exposed rafters in the reflected ceiling plan. But you need to be able to hide the portion of the rafter object that is hidden by the main
Original here. When using the Spread arrangement, Custom First Spacing lets you control the location of the second rafter. After that the regular spacing is used, until the end, assuming End Rafter is on. By tweaking the first space distance, you should be able to 'balance' it with the end space so all the rafters are centered. Quantity parameters for
I tweaked the Shape Tag object so you could have a masking fill within the polygon. The intent is to show a solid white fill. To ensure wide compatibility, I've provided parameters for the fill and the white pen. Non-locals may want/need to change the defaults to their preferred solid fill and white pen. Download
With Drawing Title 10a you can: • Set the Orientation of the title. You can have the title rotate to align with the Drawing (default), the Layout, or a Custom Angle. Use the Layout option to keep the title horizontal when you rotate a drawing. This is optional, and it's not always right. For example, if you rotate a wall
Location: 13 Special Construction Two objects (primarily) for cutting coved recesses into ceilings, using solid element operations. One's a circle, one's a rectangle. Guess which is which. The parameters of each are similar. The fillet radius must be less than or equal to the height. The resolution of the fillet is controlled by the Fillet Facets parameter. For the disc,
I added all the plinth shapes I could find to the interior door casings. Not all plinths will fit all jamb casings; you need to know what you're doing.
Location: 07 Thermal & Moisture I added Rectangular options for the gutter and the downspout.
Original here. You can have a Second Crown above the first one. The Nudge parameter controls the overlap of the two crowns in section. And, a Cap, which is just a block like the base. (Turn all the mouldings off and you have a simple post.) And, a Bead moulding between the panels and the top crown.
Location: 12 Furnishings / Casework Another tweak to the blob. You can turn the Front Panel off. Why? So you can build the front of the cabinet out of a wall, and place the doors using 12 Furnishings / Casework / Cab Door Door JAM81. You would place that with the door tool, yes. (There's also Cab Door Object JAM81,
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding 2D Moulding JAM9 is the current standard 2D moulding object. It is part of the whole moulding profile scheme, where I can add a new shape in one place and offer it for use in as many objects as we want. The Crown Tool, baseboard, rake, shed crown, door and
Two mitered blobs Location: 12 Furnishings / Casework Despite the version number, a minor update to the Cab Blob. Now you can miter it. No, they don't do that in real life; it's a 'blob' remember. Also, almost unintentionally, this is the first 'important' object I'm no longer maintaining in AC9. There will be more of this going forward
Kinda silly, but. You can turn off the fluting in Fluted Column JM9. You normally wouldn't do this. You would use Tuscan Column JAM8. But that column doesn't have the option of turning off the base. So if you need a smooth column with no base, use a fluted column and turn the base off. Someday I'll add a base
Original here. Added the ability to extend the side fill along the ceiling on either side, even at an angle. The spot at the end stretches the length, and the spot in the middle adjusts the angle.
A minor tweak of the venerable rod and shelf. If Wall Line is on, you get a line at the back of the object, drawn with a dedicated Pen. This pen should match the pen of the wall. The new parameter is on by default with pen 15. Why. Because if the shelf's plan fill is on, it tends to
Everything in Stair Body JM9a still applies. Major feature added: You can choose to have the stair cut by the Floor Plan Cut Plane. Recommended. With the 'Auto' cut setting, you can choose to show a Cut Fill instead of the cut line. This will show the true cut thickness of the stair, similar to the roof element behavior. Minor
Two parameters added to the 'Plan' options in the Interior JAM9 door, so you can turn off either side of a cased opening. The parameters are 'Cased Op Line (Swing)' and 'Cased Op Line (Opp)'. Both are on by default. (Note: You will only see them in the parameter list, not the interface pages.) This feature address this condition, where
Original here. Turn on the Cover Fill to make the pieces opaque (White, pen 91). Useful for roof plans of a pergola. Stories below will not show the fill.