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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Beginning with Archicad 20, the fills division of Model View Options is obsolete and fills are handled by Graphic Overrides. This enables us to eliminate several combinations that were needed in Archicad 19. Model View Options can be organized into combinations, kind of like layers, and MVO combinations can be saved with views. Naturally, this is all set up in
Updated for Archicad 20. I encourage you to always use Publisher for all standard printing, PDF, and DWG output. All the pertinent info is stored in the Publisher sets, so you don't have to worry about it: Page setup, printer selection, DWG translation, whatever. For any Publisher set, you can publish the whole thing or select items and publish only
Updated for Archicad 19. Pen sets let you change the appearance of output at the very last moment - when the drawing, based on the view, is headed out the door. The colors you see while working on the model can be completely different from the published output, and they should be.
The other day I had a puzzling problem with VR objects saved out of Archicad. Some files would open in QuickTime as conventional movie files rather than VR objects. (Press play and the building spins around once for each parallel. It runs about five seconds. It's not making any sales.) As is often the case with puzzling intermittent problems, I
Model View Options, formerly known as Display Options, can be organized into combinations, kind of like layers, and MVO combinations can be saved with views. Naturally, this is all set up in the templates. MVOs are completely separate from On-screen View Options, which are screen-only and do not affect output. The MVO dialog has three divisions. Options for Construction
Heads up concerning the issue date in the title block. I'm getting very erratic results when publishing; sometimes the title block drawing (on the master layout) updates automatically, sometimes it doesn't. If that drawing doesn't update, your title block data will be wrong, including the date. I have confirmed that the drawings on the master layouts are set to auto
Summary: With the model and the layouts in one file, pen sets manage the difference between the model pens and the output pens. In addition, they can do view-option-type tricks. Background: In Archicad 9, there was one set of pens. In PlotMaker 9, there was also only one, and it could be different from the set in AC. Or, each
Archicad 10 offers the ability to place a live drawing list, which will automatically list the sheets in the set. It works, for the most part, with a little tweaking.
Every drawing or set we give to someone else should be archived as a PDF in the project folder at 2 Output : PDF Archive. This is for convenience and our own protection.
(Formalization of this.) If you have a job too large to print in house, email PDF files here. The files size limit is about 50MB. Put the job details in the message, including the number of sets, delivery time, and any special instructions. MBC advises us that you should call them to make sure the job got there and that
(Similar to: In-House Printing (PlotMaker 9)) For large format output we use that enormous, hot, 16-amp-pulling thing in the middle of the office. (Note: This is about printing layouts. 'Check printing' from AC, for the heck of it, is another matter.)
This is how to install the large format printer. Installing other printers is similar in some respects.
Another piece of the Publisher puzzle. Publisher automates output processes, including file output. When Publisher saves files, it saves them to the path given in the Publisher set's properties. Under our AC10 workflow, this path should usually be 1 Projects/[ProjectName]/2 Output/Publisher Outbox. When a publication is run, newly saved files will overwrite any that are already in that folder,
If you have ever tried to print a half-size set directly on the WINPRINT thing, you probably never tried again, because it took ten times longer than it should have. This is a limitation of the printer, but here's a pretty good workaround.
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