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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Utah Right Triangle Angled Bay Crown Tool JM10
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic A sloped series of boards to support a flying rafter. This thing is hard to show in place; here's a section through the eave of a dormer, showing the dormer wall in elevation: The Roof Slope can be selected from a familiar list of n/12 slopes, or you can use a custom angle. You can
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Brackets An Arts & Crafts type bracket. Parameters: Length, height, width, top/bottom thickness, top/bottom end treatment, strut thickness, width, and top/bottom inset. The end treatments are Square, Ogee, and Pyramid. May 2008 update: Cove, Fillet, Chamfer. You can turn on "Both Ends Same" to use the same values for the top and bottom. In
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding A series of battens for board and batten siding. There are parameters for Width, Thickness, and Spacing. For a single batten, set the spacing to zero. In order that you can do a whole wall with one Battens object, you can have up to eight Holes in the batten arrangement. Turn
Most of the advice about sections and elevations applies to interior elevations as well. We do interior elevations because the larger scale lets us show more information. Some of this information is already in the model and the scale change reveals it. Some of it is fine modeling that doesn't need to be done until you start the interiors.
I added all the plinth shapes I could find to the interior door casings. Not all plinths will fit all jamb casings; you need to know what you're doing.
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Shutters Note: Though the name says 9, it needs 10. Very basic window shutter(s), perfect for existing conditions. Single or Pair: If it's a pair, the shutters will be spaced using the object's length setting. This way you can stretch the opening to fit a window. If it's a pair, you can Fit Pair
Location: 08a Doors The interior door.
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic/Trim & Moulding New version of the main moulding object. Listen, you will have dozens or hundreds of Crown Tool elements in a project. The object is designed to be used all the time. I.e., it does a lot. Get familiar with what it can do. If it doesn't do something you need, speak up! This
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic/Trim & Moulding The baseboard tool is for baseboards. That's pretty much it. Feature Summary Baseboard profile, cap, shoe, and 'second' (lower) base; scale sensitive profiles and fills. The baseboard tool is similar to the crown tool. The same shapes are available. (Pardon me if you find the term 'coffer' misplaced when considering base.) The miters
Still rough Location: Beta Incoming update to the main crown object. It's pretty good now but I know there are some problems and there are probably some I don't know about until you find them. Kindly have a look at this if you get a minute. That doesn't mean use it all over the place all of a sudden;
(1) A custom profile for modeling and (2) an object for annotation. Profile: In the profile editor • The shape is that of two fascia boards with a reveal of 1/4" below the soffit board. • The horizontal stretch extents are inside the fascia board reveals. This way, when you adjust the overall width the fascia thickness will be unchanged.
Rafter Ends Location: 06 Wood & Plastic Further improvement on this. The 9 library is clinging to life at this point.
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding 2D Moulding JAM9 is the current standard 2D moulding object. It is part of the whole moulding profile scheme, where I can add a new shape in one place and offer it for use in as many objects as we want. The Crown Tool, baseboard, rake, shed crown, door and
3D wall cleanup is substantially improved in AC10. It's still not perfect, but many more junctions that should cleanup actually do. Example: This tip should be workable in AC9, but it just doesn't clean up. In 10 it does, so here goes. Instead of using a cornerboard object, use a polygon wall. Use one wall for all the stories. That
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding A sloped crown object for shed roofs. It's similar to the Crown Tool. Sorry about the 'a'. I found an issue I couldn't fix in place, so I had to make a copy.
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic/Columns & Pilasters A decorative column or pilaster, with an optional panel, and mouldings for the top, base, and panel.
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic/Brackets A bracket that looks like this: You can set the width (X), thickness (Y), height, height and depth of the nose, and width of the base. That's about it. (By the way, the arch is slabified.)
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic One, or many, rafter tails or pergola elements. A huge improvement over Rafter Tails HOOV8.
This technique is for wainscot, or glazing areas where the trim of multiple window units runs together. Short version: a thin wall with empty openings. It's a good example of 'throw down and fix'. Here's the subject structure: