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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.

A thorough going over for the existing/addition template complex, which really needed it. Let me know what you think, since I don't work on additions much.

Changes in Archicad:

Layer Combinations:
! Ex1 Existing Plan: For saving existing plan views for output.
! Ex2 Existing Elev: For saving existing elevation views for output.
! Working Existing Model: Just what it says.
! Working Existing Plan: Ditto.

You will do most of your work in these combinations when building the existing model. The !s are to keep the names at the top. When you transition to working on the addition, you may delete these combinations or rename them so they're not listed first.

'! Working Existing' and 'Existing Drawings'. View sets built from the new layer combinations. Referenced by new layout book.

Axon detail windows:
Detail windows with IDs AX1, AX2, AX3, AX4. The names are blank, you may fill whatever you like. These windows are for pasting axon views copied from the 3D window, which reminds me...

Axons views saved:
In the '! Working Existing' view set you will find an 'Axons' folder. In here are four saved 3D views, set up for 45� axons, one for each corner. In the 'Existing Drawings' view set is a folder called 'Axons', which contains saved views of the detail windows discussed above at 1/8" scale. You are free to redefine these vies at another scale.

Changes in PlotMaker:

Layout books:
In the 09 Existing Conditions folder of the zTemplate, you will find two new layout book templates for existing/addition projects. They are identical to the regular books, except they have subsets for existing drawings.

At the top level of the book is the 'Existing Drawings' folder. All of the existing drawings go here. Within are three folders for Axon/Site, Plans, and Elevations, with appropriate layouts. The layouts contain linked views from the new view sets in the project template.

All these layouts should automatically number themselves.

When you transition to documenting the addition, you will need rename the Existing Drawings folder to 'Demolition', and change the numbering scheme. More on this later. You can also get rid of the '!T1 Title Existing' folder.

From this point on we will save a copy of the existing layout book, just as we do with the existing project file.