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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
July 2003 Archive

Perhaps you are looking at an element in an S/E window, and want to find the element in the plan.

Select the element in the section. Drag it somewhere. Undo. Return to the plan. The element will be selected. Or, delete it, and Undo.

Caveat: The plan window must be on a story where the element is showing. Use Zoom to Selection to find it. If Zoom to Selection shows only the S/E element, you're on the wrong story.

Location: 15 Mech-Plumbing.

A 2D symbol for HVAC supply, return, or exhaust fan. There is an optional label for the size, generated automatically from the height and width. The height and width snap to whole inches.

Tech Meeting Notes, PlotMaker 3, July 29, 2003.


Tech Meeting Notes, Archicad 8 Navigator, July 29, 2003.


Here's a summary of the single key commands in Archicad. I didn't know some of them either. G & C will save you a lot of mouse milage.

  • A - Activates the Angle Coordintate
  • B - Activates the Base Value (in the Info Box)
  • C - Cycles through the Construction Methods
  • D - Activates the Divisions Snap Option**
  • G - Cycles through the Geometry Methods
  • H - Activates the Angle Bisector Modifiers**
  • O - Activates and switches between Offset and Multiple Offset**
  • P - Activates and switches between Parallel and Perpendicular Modifiers**
  • Q - Cycles through the Quick Alignment Methods (when Shift-constraining)
  • R - Activates the Radial Coordinate
  • S - Cycles through the Grid Snap Options (former esc function)
  • T - Activates the Top Value (in the Info Box)
  • X - Activates the X Coordinate
  • Y - Activates the Y Coordinate
  • Z - Activates the Z Coordinate
  • 2 - Pans Left
  • 4 - Pans Down
  • 6 - Pans Right
  • 8 - Pans Up

** Broken in OS X. Too bad, epecially P.

A few Now Contact & Up-To-Date issues & tips.


The difference:


The backup routine ("Retrospect", you've seen the warnings) runs at night. If the machine is on.

We are set up to back up everyone's home directory around midnight. After that, you can come in and power down the machine.

In the sidebar of this page you will find a Downloads division, and under that a Template link, by which you can download the current zTemplate folder in Stuffit format.

Rill & Decker and this site officially recommend the use of Safari, the web browser from Apple Computer.


Purpose and locations of the Archicad and PlotMaker preferences, and why you care.


There is an issue in AC8 v3 where certain details can not be deleted or renamed. Graphisoft Tech Support has provided a solution.

I have fixed the templates, so this shouldn't be a problem for new projects, but I'm sure there are some running projects that need to be fixed.