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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
November 2003 Archive

Software Update is a utility in OS X which checks for, well, updates for software. You have seen it pop up. By default it runs automatically once a week. It can also be run manually at any time from System Preferences.

Perhaps you have wondered what you should do about it.


I have removed the modules from the zTemplate folder and placed them at 3 Resources : Modules. Please get them there, even if you have them in your project folder, as they will be more current.

Rilldeck is now officially 'inoperative.'

Everyone is now running from the new server, 'Nature.' Even if you don't know you are.

A summary of the changes, non-changes, improvements, and your (!) responsibilities.


It is strongly recommended that you keep the Dock showing.

Doing so allows you to see at a glance what apps are running. If you are Close/Quit challenged, it almost certainly more than you think. (Running apps have the little black triangle.) Close applications you are not using, it leaves more memory for other things.

It also becomes easier to drag files to applications to open them. This is critical for people running both Archicad 7 & 8 multiple versions of AC.

If the Dock is too big, click and hold on the 'joint' between the panels to resize it.

In AC7, you may have noticed a problem where Cmd+Opt+D doesn't work for drag a copy, and instead shows and hides the dock. In OS X 10.2, there is unfortunately no solution to this other than to change the keyboard shortcut for drag a copy, or to use the context menu. In 10.3, you can turn off the shortcut in System Preferences | Keyboard. I recommend that you do this anyway, in the spirit of this post. (In AC8, you should break the Cmd+Opt+D habit and use "Cmd+D Cmd" instead.)

Location: 08b Windows.

The Benton/Van Dusen juggernaut has rolled over my puny defenses and forced the manufacture of Garage Door Arch JAM8, French Casement JAM8, and < strong >Ext Fr Dbl ArchTran JAM8, which, pardon the shorthand, is a double french door with an arched transom.

The moral of the story: If you need something, ask!

But that's not all. I can also offer Arch Window JAM8b1, located at 2 Project LIB : Stevens. The 'b1' means beta. Which means it's not perfect. You're welcome to it, but there's definitely room for improvement. At least the interface and features are consistent with the other windows.

Location: 2 Project LIB : Stevens.

An arched cased opening.

If the wall is thick enough, you can opt for panels on the jambs. I have also added this functionality to the regular Cased Opening JAM8.

Please pardon the interruption.

Our new web hosting service was a little 'non-foot-dragging-challenged' with respect to getting everything working for my little noisemaker here.

They tried to stop me. But they can't! They can't stop me! They can, however, slow me way, way down. So I look stopped.

Now I'm going again.

PS: Title Reference [amazon.com]