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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Comet McNaught

Kinda silly, but.

You can turn off the fluting in Fluted Column JM9. You normally wouldn't do this. You would use Tuscan Column JAM8. But that column doesn't have the option of turning off the base. So if you need a smooth column with no base, use a fluted column and turn the base off.

Someday I'll add a base switch to the Tuscan Column, but this was an easier quick fix.

Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Columns & Pilasters

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A Second Life avatar consumes as much electricity as the average Brazilian. Via TH.

-James 2007-01-12-0708

In which I tilt at the windmill of Floor Plan Cut Plane, Relative Floor Plan Range, Automatic show-on-story, projection... It's not pretty. I mean, it's so pretty! You should read it!

This is some of the stuff I was keeping from you when we discussed roofs in plan.



Tom had to go to sleep today after a short but not-short-enough illness. He lost 5 lb. in a couple weeks and no longer wanted to go outside. Last year he chased away a fox.

About 60-80% of this post is missing.

This is a complicated topic. No, it's not a complicated topic, it leads to complicated topics. If I can decide how to limit the discussion, it isn't complicated at all. This is the dilemma with a lot of powerful AC features. I'd like you to grasp the whole puzzling, quirky thing, but I'd also like you to get your work done. I can't decide whether to make you work for it or just give you the answer.

Well, the Floor plan cut plane is way over on the quirk end of the curve, so it's easy to decide this time: Here's the answer. I'm leaving out a lot. UPDATE: Here's more if you want it.

So. Roofs in Plan.


Fill display is confusing and inconsistent. Until it gets tidied up, this is all I can tell you.


By default, favorites remember all the settings of the tool. You can choose to have favorites ignore certain settings; when a favorite is applied, those settings will be unchanged. This is called parameter exclusion. It is one of the favorites preferences, which you get to via the flyout at the upper right of the favorites palette.

Only a handful of parameters can be excluded. The exclusions are global: If wall height is excluded, it's ignored by all the wall favorites.

The exclusions, like the favorites, are stored in the file; but exclusions are not imported when you load favorites. (Or maybe they're not saved. Makes no difference in the end.)

This is a summary of the exclusions in our template:

• All elements: ID
• Wall & column: Height
• Section/Elevation: Name

To put it another way, these are the things that are allowed to vary as the favorite sets everything else.

Remember, favorites are nice, but option-clicking is often best. To make an element exactly like another, always option-click.