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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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With the advent of graphic overrides, reflected ceiling plans are no longer a wilderness of tracing and weird hacks. What shows: • Walls • Ceiling trim and finishes • Ceiling fixtures including lights, fans, and mechanical fixtures • Floor elements, including deck edges, stairs, counters Using graphic override rules, floor elements are automatically shown dashed in RCP. And, ceiling
Download This started, as so many things do, with making a symbol fill for a tile pattern. A challenge of symbol fills is they need to tile (left and right meet, top and bottom meet, invisibly). You can make new grid, running bond, and herringbone fill patterns by duplicating the extant ones and changing the dims. Anything more complex, you
Here's a general solution to dashed lines in 3D. Line types aren't available in 3D GDL. I'm using this for hinge lines on doors and windows.
Click to enlarge. Wordier version from AC10 here.
Here is a massing model showing existing conditions and a proposed addition. It is mostly done with renovation filters, with a couple of tweaks from graphic overrides. Existing is overridden with one surface, the light color in the picture. If you are OK with existing elements not having fills in elevation, you can leave this override on. If you want
On, well, land. Site model roundup. Very lightly updated alongside the Mesh post.
With an assist from Brian Spears and Link Ellis, I figured out that one of my wishes for the mesh tool is already solved. So I thought I would take the opportunity to revise this overview of the tool. The most prominent use for the mesh is site modeling. I cover that in more detail in another post, but you
Location: 14 Conveying Systems / This is a hydraulic residential elevator based on a product line of a real company. Since I don't know how they feel about me 'using' their 'IP', I'm not saying who it is at this time. You could probably figure it out. Because it's a real product line, there are limited size and configuration
Adam Savage is a huge fan of The Shining. In homage, he built a replica of the Overlook Hotel's hedge maze model which is so awesome that... well, watch the video. I am a huge fan of The Shining, and of Adam Savage. In homage, I made this Archicad model of the Savage replica. I used much less time, material,
As of Archicad 16, sea level is part of the new Project Location dialog box. (Options -> Project Preferences -> Project Location) The sea level value is the elevation of project zero in the real world, which is usually the framing floor of the main story of the building (Story 1). This value is entered as a positive number in
Here is a most ancient and despised bug in Archicad's wall cleanup behavior. In most cases, if two surface edges meet whose materials are the same, the line between the surfaces is eliminated. Where three walls meet, two of the walls will often form a corner, which results in a 'strong' line that will not be removed despite the matching
Intersection priorities help the user control interactions between certain elements. Wall and beam elements have their own intersection priority; I'm calling that the element priority. Composite skins (and components of custom profiles) have their own intersection priorities. Those are skin priorities. Neither of these should be confused with the intersection group number property of layers, though that bears on intersections
Since I've needed a silo top object one time in ten years, there's a chance that among a group of people larger than just me someone will need a silo top object at least one time in the next ten. Download (AC11)
The 3D printing consultant was fine with our 3D DXF until he got to the grade mesh. He requested that we send him an STL file, which we did not know what was. It is a 3D Stereolithography file and it's common in 3D apps. Archicad doesn't support it for export. We tracked down an open-source app called MeshLab which
I added an option for an elliptical curve. Original and download link here.
You know the one I mean. Three walls meet at a point, and the inline ones are different thicknesses. The corner formed with the inner wall simply must be expressed. We've had this one for-[stupid]-ever. HCTPBWIW
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic A sloped series of boards to support a flying rafter. This thing is hard to show in place; here's a section through the eave of a dormer, showing the dormer wall in elevation: The Roof Slope can be selected from a familiar list of n/12 slopes, or you can use a custom angle. You can
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding A series of battens for board and batten siding. There are parameters for Width, Thickness, and Spacing. For a single batten, set the spacing to zero. In order that you can do a whole wall with one Battens object, you can have up to eight Holes in the batten arrangement. Turn
Location: 01 General / Drawing Tools System requirements: Accessories add-on in Add-ons folder An accessory as a special object that can be associated with another element. When you edit the element, the accessories edit themselves to keep up. This kind of automatic geometry is rare in Archicad, and welcome. Yet the accessories live in the limbo of semi-features known as
Slabs are easy. With the polygon editing palette, irregular slabs are easy. For complex section geometry such as a corrugated sheet, you need an object. But such an object is usually rectangular. There is no polygon editing for object elements. It is difficult to code even pseudo-polygon editing into an object, and still the palette wouldn't be available. More