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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
November 2004 Archive

Location: 01 General : 3 Drawing Tools (FYI*)

This is a section tool marker, not a graphic section marker for display in documents. For that, you still use the object SectElevDetail Marker JAM.

It's very simple. The only parameter besides text size is the height of the flag.

Why bother? It's better than the default "basic section" in that it's easier to discern the view direction and the text flips the right way.

You might ask yourself, if we can create section tool markers, why do we still use the object? Because the scripting ability is still limited, and doesn't offer the facility to have the marker differ in shape from the cut.

* The location doesn't matter to the user, since you never select the marker from the library. A list of all the loaded section markers appears in the Info Box and Settings Dialog of the section tool. Also true of Details.

Location: 01 General : 3 Drawing Tools

Basically a hotspot. Why not just use a hotspot? Since it's an object, you can show it on all stories, ensuring that the centers stack, and move together.

Also the astronomical symbol for Earth, if you ever need that.

Download (AC9)


The modules for the assembly types (3 Resources / Modules / Assembly Types) and building parts (3 Resources / Modules / Building Parts-Existing (or) New) have been updated for AC9.

The layers have been updated and a couple objects modernized. And, thanks to Jon, the counter and cabinet depths are correct.

If you're not using the keyboard to switch tools, you're not living life to the fullest.

Chosen for convenience, the "main" tools:
` : Marquee
1 : Wall
2 : Slab
3 : Roof
4 : Column
5 : Beam
6 : Mesh

Note that these are in a row. The Arrow Tool is still the Right Arrow key. Esc will switch to the Arrow Tool if there's nothing else for it to do.

Chosen by initial:
W : Window
D : Door
O : Object
F : Fill
L : Line

Chosen for position:
E : Text
Opt+E : Zone

Chosen for appearance:
0 (zero) : Arc (Key has an arc and an ellipse!)
7 : Polyline ("&" resembles a polyline?)
8 : Spline
. (period) : Hotspot
[ : Section (get it?)
] : Detail (Goes with section.)
/ : Dimension

Arbitrary, but grouped nicely:
, (comma) : Radial Dimension
; : Level Dimension
\ : Angle Dimension

Modified initials:
Opt+L : Label
Opt+C : Camera

M : Lamp

Note: The only modifier key used is Option.

No key, tool rarely used:
Wall End, Corner-Window, Skylight, Stair, Figure.


Well, there's not much to it. While moving from 7 to 8 was so awkward we had to decide if it was worth it, moving from 8 to 9 is so simple it's hardly worth writing down. The only extra step is to import the Work Environment.

You should be able to simply open your 8.1 project in AC9. You should be able to open your PM 3.1 layout book in PM9. If you don't change the name of the project file, the views should update in PM without fanfare.

That said, I wouldn't make the jump the day before the construction set is due. Use common sense.

Just in case, put a copy of the project in your Old Files folder with a modified name. Don't change the name of the working version of the file. If you do, you'll have to relink in PM.

Libraries: Switch your libraries so the following are loaded:

From the carrot, within Master Library 9, '1 Rill & Decker LIB9' and '2 Project LIB9'.

'Archicad Library 9' from your local Applications : Graphisoft : Archicad 9 : Archicad Library 9. (We load the Archicad Library locally because it's faster and it never changes, so there's so synchronization issue.)

Stop using the Master Library 8 entirely. If you are working with a AC7 project that has been brought forward, continue to use the 7 library as you have been.

On the subject of the cache library, there are intermittent issues with it. If it works for you, use it. If not, don't. If you have weirdly missing parts, this is the first thing to check.

For the new Master Library 9, I copied the whole Master Library 8 to start, and I have been updating and replacing some parts along the way. As version 8 parts get superseded, I move them to the 'xOld Objects' folder. This folder loads, so you can keep using the placed parts indefinitely. For new placements, you should use the newer objects in the normal folders. To remind you, the 'xOld Objects' folder is a jumbled mess, making it very hard to find anything. Don't try.

If you have missing or misbehaving Library Parts, it's probably a change that was made in the 8 library that didn't get copied to the 9 library. You should immediately let me know of any issues so we can dispatch them right away.

If I haven't made this clear, I would like everyone to move their 8.1 projects to Archicad 9 as soon as is convenient. The transition is virtually painless. Ask for help if you need it.

I've been fooling around with the site here. Does it look different?

I made two concrete improvements you might appreciate.

In the lower right corner of each post you will find a link that reads, "Printy". Click it and you will get a printer-friendly version of the post, with a white background and all the navigation junk stripped out.

In the sidebar there's a 'Recent Objects' box, with links to recent object-related posts. Library changes are important, so I'm making them harder to miss.

In honor of AC9, I renovated the project folder scheme. The old one had too many divisions at the top, and too many squirrelly folders, e.g., 'Reference'. I mean, what is that? I also thought it was wise to promote the layout book to the top level, which left the CDs folder somewhat bereft.

So here's the deal. Discussion is welcome.


NOTE: This is better.

Location: 01 General : 3 Drawing Tools

Two nice changes: There's a 3D version, and the interface for calculating height or quantity is improved.