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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Download This started, as so many things do, with making a symbol fill for a tile pattern. A challenge of symbol fills is they need to tile (left and right meet, top and bottom meet, invisibly). You can make new grid, running bond, and herringbone fill patterns by duplicating the extant ones and changing the dims. Anything more complex, you
This clever trick from Patrick May at 4dProof about labeling zones in section has two parts. The clever part is the lateral thinking of labeling things in the zones rather than the zone itself. The other part is the introduction of autotexts in labels in Archicad 21. The lateral thinking part could have been discovered versions ago, you just needed
Location: 32 Exterior Improvements / Update: Japan and Alaska. I needed a US flag, and I didn't have my own, so I searched in the settings dialog. The US Archicad Library doesn't have one either. There is one on BIMComponents, written by Graphisoft, and maybe that one is in the international version library. It's just as well, because the object
This is a very simple label for duct elements made with the MEP Modeler add-on. It's intended for use with any simple duct type, including Straight, Bend, Take-off, and the Obstruction Fittings (as far as I can tell). I'm using it solely for straight pieces, since no one is fabricating anything from my plans - I just want to coordinate
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols A shape with a text block in it. While working on the labels in 19 post, I realized I had never posted the recent updates or the label version. The shapes are square, rectangle, triangle, circle, ellipse, oval, diamond, hexagon, pointed box, and roundrect. The roundrect has authentic iOS proportions. The rectangle, oval,
Since I've needed a silo top object one time in ten years, there's a chance that among a group of people larger than just me someone will need a silo top object at least one time in the next ten. Download (AC11)
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols Another one for the well-under-4KB* series... The length of the object is the length of the long line. The length of the short line is set by the Short Line Factor parameter. You can adjust this factor graphically. The spacing of the lines is controlled by the Spacing parameter. Also graphi-justable. This
Materials for rind, flesh, and stem. Expression can be happy or sad. I've had this for nine years; I finally took the inline material definitions out. Download (AC11)
Location: 06 Wood & Plastic / Trim & Moulding A series of battens for board and batten siding. There are parameters for Width, Thickness, and Spacing. For a single batten, set the spacing to zero. In order that you can do a whole wall with one Battens object, you can have up to eight Holes in the batten arrangement. Turn
Location: 13 Special Construction For modeling a vaulted ceiling under a flat ceiling or a gable roof. Heights are editable in 3D and section. Turn on the Ellipse parameter for an elliptical curve. Other wise it's a simple arc. With the Model View Options in 'ceiling mode', the object can use the optional ceiling pen, linetype, and cover fill. (Use
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols UPDATE: Backsaved version for AC9. Same features as the AC9 version, with a simplified interaction for getting the loop off center.
Options Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols A text object for writing the date. If Auto Update is on, the date will be read from the system. (Tip: turn it on and then off to get today's date while keeping it from updating by itself tomorrow.) The Year, Month, and Day can be set manually using the pulldowns.
Location: 13 Special Construction A rectangular or arched shape for subtracting niches into walls. If the Arch Height is zero, the top is flat. The Wall Pen draws a heavy line around the back of the niche, to match the weight of the wall's contour. The side with the center node should go along the edge of the wall.
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols If you're local (in the same room), this won't make much difference to you. I have generalized the old CL symbol so I can offer it for download on the new Archicad Talk Object Depository. This means I'm enabling flexibility which I, and the locals, don't need. For everyone else. This is
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols A shape with a text block in it. The old version was called 'Character+Shape'; it only had a few shapes. This one has square, rectangle, triangle, circle, ellipse, oval, diamond, and hexagon. The rectangle, oval, and hexagon will elongate to accommodate the text, if the Stretch for Text parameter is on. The square
A label to show the elevation of the top or bottom of a slab. It works in plan or in section, and changes its form depending on which kind of window it's in. It can give the elevation to project zero or the home story of the slab. I made it in an attempt to overcome one of the big
Location: 01 General / 1 Graphic Symbols Just like Slope Symbol JAM8, except it's a label. Used as associated label on a roof, it will convert the slope to n/12 and draw the triangle correctly. This symbol is typically used in section and elevation, but I could see using it in the roof plan. Select the roof you want to
Location: 01 General : 3 Drawing Tools Basically a hotspot. Why not just use a hotspot? Since it's an object, you can show it on all stories, ensuring that the centers stack, and move together. Also the astronomical symbol for Earth, if you ever need that. Download (AC9)