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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Detail Tool JAM81 is accessed under the detail tool and can be used in place of 'Detail Marker JAM8'. More on detail windows here. More on the detail tool here.


Location: 08b Windows.

The Benton/Van Dusen juggernaut has rolled over my puny defenses and forced the manufacture of Garage Door Arch JAM8, French Casement JAM8, and < strong >Ext Fr Dbl ArchTran JAM8, which, pardon the shorthand, is a double french door with an arched transom.

The moral of the story: If you need something, ask!

But that's not all. I can also offer Arch Window JAM8b1, located at 2 Project LIB : Stevens. The 'b1' means beta. Which means it's not perfect. You're welcome to it, but there's definitely room for improvement. At least the interface and features are consistent with the other windows.

Location: 2 Project LIB : Stevens.

An arched cased opening.

If the wall is thick enough, you can opt for panels on the jambs. I have also added this functionality to the regular Cased Opening JAM8.

Location: 06 Wood & Plastic : Columns & Pilasters.

Tuscan Column JAM8 replaces < strong >Column Classic from the Smart Parts library, and < strong >Column Classic SP8, derived therefrom.

This column is a lot better.


Location: < strong >13 Special Construction.

This is so cool.

Using Solid Elements Operations and this object, you can cleanly slope the top of a curving wall. Handy for landscaping.


Location: 04 Masonry / 2D Masonry.

Shows bricks and mortar joints for large scale section details. The fills and dimensions are parametric, and it can be stretched to any length and it will end properly in the middle of a brick or joint.

I am working on a lot of brick-related stuff for the Stevens project, including more detail objects and standard details. Stay tuned.

I have updated the object Title Block JAM8. You can choose to have the print date automatically set itself to the current day. Check the 'Today' checkbox, and the year, month, and day fields will update. The checkbox will then uncheck itself; this is intentional. If the checkbox were left on, the date would change every time you opened the settings, which, no.

I have updated the version 8 doors and windows with an option to build a masonry jamb.


I have updated the object Gutter JAM8. Again. There is now a gutterboard option, with thickness, height, and vertical offset.

This is a howto for a simple bracket object made from a slab. This technique is sometimes called 'slabify'. Keep in mind that anything you can make in Archicad can be saved as an object.


Location: 15 Mech-Plumbing.

A 2D symbol for HVAC supply, return, or exhaust fan. There is an optional label for the size, generated automatically from the height and width. The height and width snap to whole inches.

I have updated the object Elev Marker JAM8. You can automatically display the elevation to Sea Level, as well as Project Zero. There is also an option for a break point when the symbol needs to bend.

In order to use Sea Level, select it in the Reference Level parameter. You must have your '1st Reference Level' set properly in Options -> Preferences -> Working Units and Levels.

To show a bend in the symbol, set the Break Point parameter to greater than 0. The height of the bend comes from the Height parameter. When Break Point=0, the Height is ignored.

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