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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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I made a quick but not completely disposable scripted object. Probably 30-45 minutes of work. I saved it in the embedded library of a scratch file, rather than in a live server folder where someone might notice it before it's done. (The odds of this are crazy low, plus it's no big deal, but that's what I did.) The scratch
In Archicad 21 you can use autotexts in labels. Rather than describing an element in disconnected words, you can display the actual properties, attributes, dimensions, etc. of the element. Use Archicad properties and name your building materials, surfaces, and composites carefully, and you can get good automatic notes. GDL-scripted labels have long been able to do this, but it's an
An unheralded new feature of Archicad 20 was a repair to the Mac version where Archicad will continually hunt on the network for missing servers. This happens when 1) the project uses resources (libraries, external drawings, hotlinked modules) on server volumes, and 2) you open the project away from the network where the servers reside. The effect is 1) a
Here is a most ancient and despised bug in Archicad's wall cleanup behavior. In most cases, if two surface edges meet whose materials are the same, the line between the surfaces is eliminated. Where three walls meet, two of the walls will often form a corner, which results in a 'strong' line that will not be removed despite the matching
If you encounter a failed Archicad autosave (Crash followed by no recovery dialog at relaunch), and you are running Time Machine in OS X, restore the Autosave folder from Time Machine instead of messing with cron job workarounds. Make sure Archicad is not running. Activate Time Machine on the Dock. Navigate to [Home]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/. You should see a folder called
Somebody asked: I have finally gotten frustrated enough with the way line types are (dis)organized to focus some effort on it. Have you figured out any tricks to getting line types to show up in any logical sequence at all in your files? I can't believe that after all this time GS hasn't just made it alphabetical. How hard can
The other day I had a puzzling problem with VR objects saved out of Archicad. Some files would open in QuickTime as conventional movie files rather than VR objects. (Press play and the building spins around once for each parallel. It runs about five seconds. It's not making any sales.) As is often the case with puzzling intermittent problems, I
This has got to stop.
You know the one I mean. Three walls meet at a point, and the inline ones are different thicknesses. The corner formed with the inner wall simply must be expressed. We've had this one for-[stupid]-ever. HCTPBWIW
The user has requirements. The software has capabilities. Where the capabilities end and the requirements keep going is a limit. To get beyond the limit requires workarounds. Some limits are harder than others and all we can do is wish (beg) them removed. Here's a rich example concerning structural posts (columns) in residential construction. These are things like 4x4s, multiple
Roundup of info on daily shutdown, backup, and power failures.
Somewhere, a roof is unhappy. Most likely, the angles of nearby roof edges are causing the geometry to turn inside out. The report will say something like: Invalid polygon, self intersection or hole intersects boundary. (Roof 004) This is actually helpful! Use find and select to find a roof with that ID, and you can fix it. The trouble is
Heads up concerning the issue date in the title block. I'm getting very erratic results when publishing; sometimes the title block drawing (on the master layout) updates automatically, sometimes it doesn't. If that drawing doesn't update, your title block data will be wrong, including the date. I have confirmed that the drawings on the master layouts are set to auto
We have had a handful of cases where Archicad autosave recovery has failed when it should have succeeded. We have also had cases of human error where the autosave never had a chance. Since Archicad deletes the autosave data once it decides (right or wrong) that it's not needed, you don't get a second chance. Unless you routinely back up
After I posted about the jellyfish a couple third-party observers commented, paraphrasing, 'Duh, of course you need to turn the hidden stuff off'. (Quick review: The issue there was clustered arrangements of elements, where AC was taking a long time to sort out the hidden lines.) Maybe so, but the last time we visited this issue, which was probably way,
Other dialogs here. The source files of some Hotlinked Modules are missing Sources of the following Drawings are unavailable! If this item is part of a clone, its clone will also be deleted Polygon boundary intersects itself!
Which is short for DisableCrossPlatformMountingFeatures. Where to start. Let's just say, do this fix. It's a preferences modification which turns off a feature which, though of questionable value, causes a lot of problems. In other words, I don't know what it's supposed to fix, but it sure breaks a lot of stuff. The feature breaks stuff, that is. Not the
I am the lucky recipient of a large renovation project which is moving into CDs. I was surprised to see the file size, a finished-large-house-like 91MB. There's only one way for a project in DD to be so large: It must be carrying 2D axonometric and perspective drawings, pasted into details, from the 3D window. Sure enough, there are two
Archicad is designed to automatically save project data periodically. In the event of an AC or system crash, project data can usually be recovered. AutoSave is described on page 150 of the AC9 Reference Guide.
Repair Permissions. This is recommended for lots of issues, and it's at least partially voodoo. But it worked for me.