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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on Mac OS X. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.
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Somebody asked about the animated gifs in the Renovation post and elsewhere. (My favorite one is of the roof with the FPCP.) An animated gif is special image format which allows multiple frames, with each frame shown for a certain length of time, in a loop. Animated gifs based on video have lots of frames, with very short delays simulating
Late fourth birthday present to itself. I wanted the tags to be more prominent and I got carried away. Also more eye-catching is the RSS feed link, that orange thing in the upper right. If you're not using RSS, you should. Briefly, RSS makes it easier to keep up with multiple web sites, because it lets the sites tell you

I've started adding tags to the posts in here. Tags are 'keywords' which provide another method of organizing related info. They're nice because you can use gobs of them where so many categories would be cumbersome. For example, a category for 'trim' would be silly, but a trim tag is useful. And the detail tag can point to info on
Re: Site title: 1. Grounded. Reality-based. Bobbing around, no, floaty, no, adrift, no. 2. Moderately highly evolved. Up from the muck. Post-fishapod. Still a ways to go until we build the Brooklyn Bridge or anything, though. 3. This too, sure. Banner image: Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Testing the idea of hierarchically inferior posts, so you can tell totally worthless stuff like this from your everyday worthless stuff. And yes I backdated this one so it wouldn't show up at the top.
I got tech tip of the month from Graphisoft for my zone stamp/magic wand thing.
Move everything to the new domain, check. Convert all the links to the new Movable Type name instead of number format, check. Convert everything to php, cuz that's what all the coolkids are doing, check. Strip down the old site and put in the auto-redirect code, check. Make that welcome post stick to the top, check. Notice that, while the
Here's a new category where I'm going to log changes to the templates. It's not required reading, but if you're curious go ahead.
I've been fooling around with the site here. Does it look different? I made two concrete improvements you might appreciate. In the lower right corner of each post you will find a link that reads, "Printy". Click it and you will get a printer-friendly version of the post, with a white background and all the navigation junk stripped out. In
The category Library Development is where I try to document how my objects and libraries are put together. As such, it is of virtually no value to you, and precious little interest. Feel free to ignore it.
Over there on the side is a division for 'Current Versions'. These are the versions of OS X and Archicad you should be running. If you're not, then run Software Update and check the onion for Archicad updaters.
I have added a division to the side bar for standards. It is a very narrow, highly refined subset of the standards category. You can't change this stuff.
I've created a new category here called 'Workflow'. In it I am placing howtos for the various project stages. This category is so special that it has its own division in the sidebar to the left. (If it's not a link, it's not done yet.) Refer to it often.
I have added a link to the links list over there for the Graphisoft Archiguide. It strives to be their technical knowledge base. It's worth checking out.
Over there under LINKS is a link to Archicad-Talk. This is the main user discussion board for all things related to our chosen lifestyle. If you have a question I can't answer, poke around in there. If something isn't known to someone on this board, it isn't known. You must register in order to post, but you can browse and
In my latest attempt to not 1) expect everyone to remember everything, 2) expect myself to remember to tell everyone everything, 3) talk 9 hrs/day, I have begun this website.